Sheet Metal Processing

12kW Bystronic Bystar Fiber Laser

Our 12kW Bystronic ByStar Fiber Laser centre is one of the most powerful in the UK.  We routinely cut Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel in thickness from 1mm to 30mm and have the ability to cut a range of other specialist materials, including copper sheet, mesh, and even Silver! Our ByCell fully autonomous handling system allows 24 hour lights out production, offering flexability and a fast turnaround where required.

Bystra 12k

CNC Folding

Our five CNC press brakes cater for all folding and bending requirements across our full range of thicknesses. Our continued investment in the latest press technology ensures a high quality, repeatable part, regardless of bend angle or batch size.


Bystronic Xpert 80

Extensive Material Inventory

We stock of a range of sheet materials in most grades from 1mm to 20mm. Consignment stocks and regular deliveries from our supply chain partners ensure that our stock levels are maintained at healthy levels.

WP Sheet Close Up